Espresso Moon is a company of leaders, innovating across multiple disciplines.

The Espresso Moon leadership team is made up of proven professionals who value teamwork, innovation, technical perfection and sustainable outcomes. Our expertise includes web strategy and design, software development, digital product brand strategy, UI and UX design, business process improvement, quality management, compliance, IT infrastructure and digital marketing. We combine our talents to see inside organizations and across the competitive landscape, to harness the power of digital to transform brands, and deliver unique solutions that bring the future to life.

Doug Wheeler head shot.

Doug Wheeler,
President and Founder >

Douglas Wheeler, our President and lead software architect, has nearly thirty years of experience in business process optimization and software development.

Scott Blankenship head shot.

Scott Blankenship,
Vice President >

Scott brings more than two decades of technical sales and management, including sales of over a half-billion dollars worth of IT infrastructure and support to institutional clients.

Tim Johnson head shot.

Tim Johnson,
Director of Marketing >

Tim Johnson provides innovative product brand strategy and design as well as highly engaging UI and UX design, for Espresso Moon marketing initiatives and client engagements.

Dwayne Bosse head shot.

Dwayne Bosse,
Project Manager >

Dwayne manages client projects and supports day-to-day relationships. His attention to detail and talent for creative solutions help projects run smoothly and meet client expectations.

The Espresso Moon managers oversee internal teams of dedicated developers, software engineers, customer service advocates and technology specialists in Espresso Moon offices on three continents.

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