A Revolution in Calibration Management


Many industries rely on tools and gauges that require periodic calibration in order to maintain their ability to perform accurate measurements.

Calibrating gauges generates a large amount of data that must be managed to ensure product quality and comply with standards such as ISO 9001, FDA 21 CFR Parts 11 and 820, as well as other standards.

Small companies such as machine shops or labs use manual records systems or off-the-shelf products like Microsoft Excel, while large industrial organizations that manage thousands of gauges are stuck with outdated, expensive and complex software programs that require extensive training, annual licensing and dedicated, stationary workstations.

Complicated desktop-based calibration management systems institutionalize productivity-killing limitations. They impose serious restrictions on how organizations grow, how they manage workflows and how they pivot as the market evolves.

GageList webapp, mobile app and tablet apps.


GageList is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product that meets the needs of any organization that relies on calibrated measuring equipment. Developed as an in-house project at Espresso Moon, GageList is browser-based and mobile responsive, so it works on any web browser on any device. GageList Mobile for iOS and Android adds the ability to manage remote gages even when there’s no Internet. GageList and GageList Mobile work together seamlessly, so you can work from every corner of your plant, and every corner of the planet.

GageList gives customers of all sizes the flexibility to manage calibration any way they see fit, instead of forcing them to adapt their systems to fit the software. A fully collaborative tool, GageList makes users more productive, more valuable, better able to focus on doing their jobs. Because we allow unlimited users on all accounts, calibration techs, quality managers and internal auditors can all collaborate on gage management in real-time.


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GageList is the fastest-growing calibration software in the world, expanding rapidly and radically transforming the entire industry as the market recognizes its ability to free quality managers from expensive or unwieldy systems.

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