We design portals, web apps and websites that connect audiences, support complex processes and drive sales.

The web is everyone’s most valuable digital asset.

It’s almost impossible to overstate the value the Internet can deliver in today’s marketplace. And as time goes by, its impact will only grow. That’s why it’s important to choose a web team that understands how to leverage online tools for real business results. Espresso Moon is a top Houston web development firm that creates web applications, web portals, mission-critical websites and e-commerce tools to facilitate vital business processes and help you deliver value directly to your marketplace. Our customers range from independent entrepreneurs, to mid-sized businesses in virtually every sector, to important nonprofits and academic institutions, to global leaders in major industries. What they share in common is a reliance on online technology to fuel their success. Here are a few of the ways web-based solutions are driving performance:


Online tools and web-based software that give industrial firms increased control over important KPIs.

Remote Operations

Web apps and portals to empower remote workers to perform critical tasks in seamless virtual environments.

Statistical Analysis

Massive data-crunching capabilities delivered through sophisticated web-based tools to users around the globe.


Tools that let retail, B2B and industrial buyers configure, evaluate and purchase anything that can be sold.

Asset Control

Web-based and mobile tools that use RFID, barcodes and GPS to track and manage all manner of inventory.


Accounting, sales management, inventory control, HR, financial reporting, valuation and many other functions.

Internet of Things

Digital tools to control operation and manage data from remote sensors, complex tools and industrial robots.

Process Automation

Collaborative digital tools that free your talent pool to perform valuable operations more effectively.

Brand Engagement

Websites and web-apps that fuel sales, power engagement and deliver on your brand promises.


Software-as-a-Service delivered via the web to distribute cost and risk and monetize vital business functions.


Tools to automate remote inspection processes and manage labor, dispatch and data analysis.

Global Logistics

Web-based solutions to the challenges of tracking and managing the flow of products around the world.

Web Apps Versus Websites

Web apps and websites are very different animals, and Espresso Moon develops both. A web application is a software product that lives on a web server and is made accessible to users via the Internet. A website is generally informational in nature, although many also have features like e-commerce or profile management that are technically web-based software. Every business has a website (or most do anyway), but most don’t own custom web apps. While there is a great deal of overlap between websites and web apps, at Espresso Moon we define a web app as a software application developed for delivery via the web, that might otherwise be developed to run on the user’s computer or server. Again, Espresso Moon, your Houston web development resource, delivers both custom web apps and custom websites.

How You Can Leverage the Web for Your Success

Portable productivity.

Web apps let you untether your workforce and automate and distribute work processes throughout your organization with collaborative toolsets you can make accessible to exactly the people you choose.

Custom mobile app used at the construction site.

Portals to performance.

Custom web portals give you control of your teams, your markets and your critical stakeholders. They can empower you to manage your proprietary digital products and your web presence from a centralized toolset.

Workers in an industrial clean room.

Paths to profit.

Custom corporate websites engage your stakeholders, empower your employees, drive your brand and connect customers directly to your value promises through the power of e-commerce and online community.

Open laptop sitting on empty desk in high rise building.

Custom Web Applications for Business and Industry

A custom web app is a software application custom built for your specific requirements. Unlike a computer-based program stored locally on the operating system of a computer or internal server, a web app lives on a web server and is accessible via the Internet.

Examples of web apps include statistical analysis applications, remote inspection tools, web-based business management solutions and shipping and tracking applications. These are only a few examples, of course. The bottom line is that virtually anything that can be developed for a local computer or network can also be developed as a web app (often with many advantages over computer-based software). As a top Houston web development provider, Espresso Moon delivers web apps that make a difference.

Some advantages of web applications:

Web apps run on web browsers, so they’re accessible on any platform, from any device, 24 hours a day.

Updates are performed behind the scenes and usually require no user-level involvement.

Since there is only one version, users never have version compatibility issues.

Support and maintenance are handled at the server-host level and costs can be spread across multiple users.

Web apps don’t take up any space on your company servers or hard drives.

Software piracy is more difficult and less common than with computer-based applications.

Custom web apps and the business processes they support are easy to monetize through subscriptions and e-commerce.

Calculator and pen sitting on graph paper.
Software development project meeting in conference room.

Espresso Moon builds state-of-the-art custom web apps for every need, for companies and organizations in every industry. Contact us today to learn more.

Mission-Critical Corporate Websites

Your corporate website is the leading edge of your enterprise brand, with messaging and content directed to a variety of stakeholders: Customers, employees, investors, regulators, vendors, strategic partners and more. As the digital future arrives, the depth and breadth of what your site must do can be staggering, and the opportunities vast.

Market leaders and large enterprises need a web partner with cross-functional capabilities to design, develop and deliver web solutions that leverage all the Digital Revolution has to offer. Espresso Moon’s full-stack approach integrates brand expression with digital technology, to fulfill critical brand promises and bring important ideas to life.

Our talent pool is made up of recognized experts in business operations, digital research and strategic development. Engagements begin with planning processes that integrate business visioning and competitive intelligence with technical depth and digital innovation. Our creative team provides brand expression, corporate image design and support, marketing counsel and clear value language to move innovation into the marketplace.

Espresso Moon is your Houston web development resource for corporate websites with deep functionality and critical branded content, e-commerce sites for both consumer and B2B markets, and websites that support complex technical processes and data management requirements.

We also provide secure managed hosting, website maintenance services, online marketing services, search engine optimization, brilliant UI/UX design and digital branding.

Code development workstation with coffee.

Custom Software Development >

Espresso Moon develops custom software solutions that optimize performance and create significant life-time value measured in reduced operating costs, better customer experiences and fatter bottom lines.

Hand holding an iPhone.

Mobile Business Apps >

We put the future in the palm of your hand with custom mobile apps for iOS and Android. Make your business processes portable and extend your reach with field service apps, customer service tools and more.

Computers on a desk.

Mission-Critical Web Services >

We have a track record of delivering critical business websites and web services that drive performance. Our expertise in brand expression and digital marketing will help position your brand above your competition.

Technology work space.

Technology Consulting >

It’s a constant scramble to make sure your hardware and software resources are delivering maximum value in today’s changing digital landscape. We help organizations identify and rectify problems in their technology toolsets.


Strategic Design >

Digital assets perform well when they’re designed well. Our strategic approach to UI/UX and product design ensures your brand promise is delivered throughout your digital infrastructure.

Managed hosting servers.

Hosting and Maintenance >

We don’t just hand off your product and walk away. Espresso Moon provides secure, reliable and cost-effective managed hosting and product maintenance for the complex websites and applications we develop.

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