Our software development process follows a proven strategy to deliver digital products that solve your specific challenges.

Our Software Development Process Delivers Optimal Value

Espresso Moon approaches every project with your success in mind. What are you trying to accomplish? How will this work impact your operational performance, your market position and your bottom line? Our software development process honors your financial commitment, your time requirements and your talent resources and delivers maximum value in every phase of the product life cycle.

Espresso Moon software development and support process.

INITIATION: Project kickoff based on initial objectives

SCOPING: Detailed scoping, budgeting, general wireframe

DESIGN: Wireframe, look and feel, UI/UX design

PROGRAMMING: Coding, building product

TESTING: Internal testing, customer testing, debugging

DEPLOYMENT: Launch product for use

MANAGEMENT: Hosting, maintenance and support, upgrades

With, not for.

The software development process is a team sport. Successful projects are the result of thoughtful collaboration between people committed to creating value.

End-to-End Support.

Effective projects begin with strategy, planning and design. They’re built with leading-edge technologies, and are managed to retain optimum value.

Shared Values.

The future belongs to those who keep their promises. Espresso Moon values Communication, Innovation, and Integrity. If you share these values, let’s talk.

You own it. When you engage Espresso Moon to create custom digital products, you own them, period. We never hold your code hostage, there are no “black boxes,” and if you need to move a hosted product to another provider, we do everything possible to support the process. So you can rest assured that you will always have full control of and access to the digital products you pay for.

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