Espresso Moon provides custom mobile app development for business and industry that puts the future in the palm of your hand.

Designing for the Next Mobile Economy

Mobile app technology is reshaping the way the world does business, empowering enterprises to find new ways to work, to innovate, to enhance customer experiences. Advances in mobile app development are changing how millennials interact with the world around them, and millennials are expected to account for 75% of the workforce by 2030. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies fuel the need for device-agnostic platforms workers can access from anywhere, any time. All these changes point to a revolution where custom mobile apps will be the next wave in the drive to develop new business models and revenue streams.

Based in Houston, Texas, Espresso Moon provides custom mobile app development for iOS and Android that defines the “4 Cs” of The Next Mobile Economy: collaboration, customization, confidentiality and control. Some of the areas mobile technology will impact include:

Manufacturing Apps

Android and iOS mobile apps for management, equipment inspection, time tracking, training, asset and inventory tracking, more.

Field Services Apps

Get rid of paper systems. Increase productivity, reduce repeat site visits, labor costs and travel time with a custom field services mobile app.

Healthcare Apps

Increase speed, accuracy, control costs, collaborate on delivery of care and improve patient outcomes with custom healthcare mobile apps.

M-Commerce Apps

Enable retail or B2B customers to make purchases directly from their mobile devices, anywhere, any time.

Asset Management

Custom mobile apps to locate and track parts, equipment, and orders with barcodes, RFID and GPS.

Collaboration Apps

When your people can carry their whole team in the palm of their hands, working together gets easier.

Construction Apps

Transform your construction operations with custom mobile technologies that slash costs and boost ROI.

Inspection Apps

Mobile software opens major new possibilities in remote inspection across a wide spectrum of industries.

Brand Engagement

Own your market by giving your customers the benefit of a direct channel to all the value your brand delivers.

Empowering the Mobile Workforce

The American workforce is over 150 million strong. Around 2/3 of those workers are not desk-bound, meaning they don’t sit in front of a computer to work. The work they do is critical in industries like construction, healthcare, energy, telecommunications, mining, utilities, hospitality, agriculture, transportation, law enforcement and much more. Yet they are often poorly equipped when it comes to digital technologies.

Count on Espresso Moon for custom mobile app development for both iOS and Android that enables organizations to better manage their human assets by increasing process portability, real-time tracking, data management, collaboration and remote operations.

Connecting Brands with Markets

Nearly 60% of online searches are now performed on mobile devices, and click-through rates are around 20% higher on mobile devices that on desktop. What this means is that mobile devices are an increasingly important part of your customer’s online life. A custom mobile app will give you a direct channel into his or her life, and a substantial competitive advantage whether you operate in a consumer market or a B2B market.

Here are several ways your business can benefit from a custom mobile app:

Increased customer loyalty. When you own the channel, you own the customer, or more accurately, the customer owns you. Your brand promise becomes something they carry in their pocket and can access at the touch of a screen without ever considering your competition.

A customized purchasing experience. Your selling process can be designed to meet your customer’s exact preferences, whether he or she is a retail customer looking for easy access to a preferred brand or a business-to-business buyer who needs to streamline a complex research, bidding and purchasing process.

Improved customer engagement. Many customers prefer to communicate via text rather than via phone or in person, so push notifications and custom alerts can not only keep your brand front and center in your customer’s mind, but can automate triggers that result directly in increased sales.

Seizing a leadership position. Companies that give customers the benefit of a direct path to their brand can assume a position in the market that can’t be copied or co-opted by the competition.
Espresso Moon delivers custom mobile app development for iOS and Android that differentiates your offer, connects your more closely to the people who matter, and helps you establish a strong position in your market.

Mobile Technologies

We use leading development tools to produce smooth, buttery UI/UX designs for iOS, Android and Hybrid (combining native and web-based) mobile apps.

How You Can Benefit from Custom Mobile App Development

Do more, faster and cheaper.

Mobile tech drives productivity in ways mere process improvement can’t even touch. From real-time management of critical field ops, to unprecedented collaboration, to instant access to data, mobile apps drive progress.

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Power to your people.

The more energy that is required to do their work, the less bandwidth your employees have left to grow in their roles. Set your people free with custom mobile apps that let them focus on making an impact.

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Bring your brand to life.

Custom mobile apps can put your brand in the palm of your customer’s hand, which is the best market position you can occupy. Brands that engage their markets with mobile tools can dramatically outperform their peers.

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Custom Software Development >

Espresso Moon develops custom software solutions that optimize performance and create significant life-time value measured in reduced operating costs, better customer experiences and fatter bottom lines.

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Mobile Business Apps >

We put the future in the palm of your hand with custom mobile apps for iOS and Android. Make your business processes portable and extend your reach with field service apps, customer service tools and more.

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Mission-Critical Web Services >

We have a track record of delivering critical business websites and web services that drive performance. Our expertise in brand expression and digital marketing will help position your brand above your competition.

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Technology Consulting >

It’s a constant scramble to make sure your hardware and software resources are delivering maximum value in today’s changing digital landscape. We help organizations identify and rectify problems in their technology toolsets.


Strategic Design >

Digital assets perform well when they’re designed well. Our strategic approach to UI/UX and product design ensures your brand promise is delivered throughout your digital infrastructure.

Managed hosting servers.

Hosting and Maintenance >

We don’t just hand off your product and walk away. Espresso Moon provides secure, reliable and cost-effective managed hosting and product maintenance for the complex websites and applications we develop.

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