We deliver custom digital solutions to challenges that are universal to all businesses, as well as those unique to yours.

Learning Management System on iPad.

Learning Management Systems

The world has changed. You need new tools for the new normal, like custom LMS solutions that can power learning across a global media landscape. Perfect for corporate training, academics, professional certifications and distance learning.

Remove work setup with Laptop and iPhone.

Remote Work Software

As the world gets smaller, more workers are operating independently in remote environments. Espresso Moon builds web applications, mobile apps and other digital tools to support remote work and drive productivity in every industry.

Power lines on a cloudy day.

Compliance Software

Our quality and compliance experts deliver digital products and services custom-designed to help you maintain measurable, sustainable compliance with the regulatory requirements and standards that are unique to your industry.

Operator using custom software for manufacturing.

Manufacturing Software

We deliver custom software applications to streamline processes, automate workflows, enhance compliance, manage assets and support engineering in all manufacturing, fabrication, milling, mining and refining environments.

Shipping containers waiting on dock.

Asset Management

Control of physical assets is critical in every business. We develop custom software products to automate inventory and asset management for manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, transportation, laboratories, physical plants and more.

Overhead view of a city.

Productivity Software

Every organization has its own productivity challenges. We have decades of experience in business process improvement, creating individualized software solutions that drive collaboration, engagement, efficiency, effectiveness and profitability.

Overhead view of petroleum refinery.

Energy Industry Software

It takes enormous resources and a vast pool of expertise in disparate locations to produce, refine and distribute the fuel that powers the world. Espresso Moon can deliver custom digital solutions for any business challenge the O&G industry faces.

Busy shopping mall.

Commerce Solutions

Within the next few years, e-commerce will eclipse physical sales in every arena, including B2B and industrial sales. We deliver specialized e-commerce solutions that create a direct path to customers, drive loyalty and reduce selling costs.

Custom calibration software used at a petroleum refinery. 

Branded Digital Products

If your brand is the promise you make to your market, then the digital products that power your company are how you make that connection. Our strategic design experts produce custom software solutions that deliver your brand promise.

Healthcare work using microscope in lab.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Few industries have as critical a need for innovation and efficiency as the medical sciences industry, yet it’s one of the least digitally advanced. Custom software products can give healthcare industries a significant competitive advantage.

Fluffy clouds.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing provides resilient, redundant, scalable access to your digital assets, helps you manage risk, relieves you of the burden of managing technical resources and logistics, and lets you focus on growing your business.

Firefighters putting out fire at industrial complex.

Custom QHSE Software

Managing QHSE programs can be complicated and costly. Our custom QHSE software solutions, built on decades of hands-on experience in QHSE management, become powerful tools to build a compliant culture within your organization.

Man walking through crowded city street.

Culture and HR Software

Engaged employees are more productive, more loyal and more invested in your brand. We deliver custom digital tools that deepen engagement, reduce HR management costs, improve performance and give you greater control over critical KPIs.

Developers at work in the office.

Custom Collaboration Tools

Every team is different, so collaboration means something different in every company. Custom-designed collaboration software improves productivity, optimizes customer relationships, simplifies compliance and unites people around your brand.

Construction cranes in Houston, Texas.

Field Service Software

We build solutions for industries where workers are not desk-bound, like construction, healthcare, energy, telecommunications, mining, utilities, hospitality, agriculture, transportation, law enforcement and much more.

Custom software running on tablet in factory.

SaaS Products

Cloud-based SaaS products let you distribute access to digital processes to anyone, anywhere. For internal work groups or commercial use, we create custom SaaS products that power productivity and strengthen your brand.

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