Doug Wheeler
Lead Software Architect

Doug Wheeler, our President and lead software architect, has over twenty years of experience in business process optimization and improvement, and has been developing software for over three decades, focused largely on web-based solutions and complex business websites. He has held senior management positions in national and global companies and is the founder or co-founder of three successful startups.

Doug has been responsible for the implementation of many business performance improvement programs and custom digital solutions for companies in the US, Mexico, Asia, South America and Europe.

Throughout his career, Doug has overseen the design and development of nearly 1,000 custom business applications, websites and commercially licensed solutions for training, business automation, inventory and warehouse controls, sales, engineering, customer support, risk management, QHSE, mobile, data analysis and lean six sigma.

Doug drinks straight espresso from a teensy-weensy demitasse cup. He raises his pinky when he sips. He’s restoring a Triumph TR6, rides in the BP MS 150, enjoys fly-fishing, and sci-fi.

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