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Houston Custom Software Development and Engineering

At this moment in history, there is almost nothing more critical to your company’s success than the efficacy of your digital assets. Custom software development by the experts at Espresso Moon, one of the leading software development companies in Houston, can give you a powerful advantage in terms of efficiency, productivity, cost control and differentiation.

Located in Northwest Houston, Texas, Espresso Moon has delivered more than a thousand custom software solutions, each one designed to solve a unique business challenge. Our software engineers and developers, who are some of the best in the industry among software development companies in Houston, know how to assess your situation and design bespoke solutions that meet your exact requirements.

Our custom digital products feature simple, smooth user experiences and intuitive interfaces that reflect your organizational brand persona, and are built using state-of-the-art technologies that will be the standard for a long time to come.

Enterprise Software

Innovative Enterprise Applications designed to support your business operations now and into the future.

SaaS Development

Cloud-based Software as a Service applications that spread costs out over time among a large pool of users.

Custom Web Apps

Leading-edge Web Apps built and hosted on the world’s most dependable and reputable platforms.

ECommerce Websites

E-commerce and M-commerce solutions to connect your brand to consumer or business markets.

Workflow Automation

Process Automation solutions that power productivity, enhance safety and support compliance.

Custom Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps for remote ops, marketing, collaboration, offline data management and more.


Learning Management Systems to power your internal training or external education initiatives.


Cloud Solutions for the challenges of Big Data, collaboration, data visualization, process management and more.


Software Integration to bridge platforms and optimize the performance of your legacy systems.

How Your Business Can Benefit from Custom Software

Streamline your processes.

Our process automation experts design custom digital solutions that eliminate bottlenecks in production, distribution and management workflows and empower your people to perform at their highest levels.

Factory operator.

Manage more effectively.

Bespoke digital products power collaboration, engage your workforce, increase productivity, support training and education, and help you analyze and visualize the data you need to outpace your competition.

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Drive brand value.

Custom software can be a powerful toolset to differentiate your offer and claim a preferred position in the market, and as intellectual property, it can even contribute to your company’s valuation.

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Why Custom?

Out-of-the-box commercial products, by their nature, simply can’t fully cover all the requirements of any one company. In order to reach as many customers as possible, they have to limit the challenges they address to those that are common to every business. They ignore the problems that are unique to how you do business and ultimately force you to adapt your business to fit their solution. Packaged software may be innovative in its own space, but generally, it can’t do much to support your need to innovate, or adapt to the way you work.

Our custom software solutions are built to solve your specific needs. They’re designed around your processes, your culture, your organizational requirements and your unique circumstances, to give you a competitive advantage no one else can control, co-opt or copy.

Here are some ways your digital solution set may be holding you back:

  • The digital experience you offer your stakeholders doesn’t represent your brand, doesn’t help your customers achieve their goals, doesn’t live up to what people expect from modern software.
  • Your manual processes and outmoded software can create bottlenecks and stifle performance.
  • You miss critical connection points. Customers wander away to other offers that better meet their expectations. Employees look for more forward-thinking places to work, or stay and feel disconnected and held back.
  • Lost opportunity cost of underperformance against competitors, missed data points and negative IP value may be costing you money in ways you don’t even see.

Address these and other potential deficiencies by engaging the digital experts at Espresso Moon to assess your situation and develop custom software solutions that deliver a sustainable competitive advantage.

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Custom Software Development >

Espresso Moon develops custom software solutions that optimize performance and create significant life-time value measured in reduced operating costs, better customer experiences and fatter bottom lines.

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Mobile Business Apps >

We put the future in the palm of your hand with custom mobile apps for iOS and Android. Make your business processes portable and extend your reach with field service apps, customer service tools and more.

Computers on a desk.

Mission-Critical Web Services >

We have a track record of delivering critical business websites and web services that drive performance. Our expertise in brand expression and digital marketing will help position your brand above your competition.

Technology work space.

Technology Consulting >

It’s a constant scramble to make sure your hardware and software resources are delivering maximum value in today’s changing digital landscape. We help organizations identify and rectify problems in their technology toolsets.


Strategic Design >

Digital assets perform well when they’re designed well. Our strategic approach to UI/UX and product design ensures your brand promise is delivered throughout your digital infrastructure.

Managed hosting servers.

Hosting and Maintenance >

We don’t just hand off your product and walk away. Espresso Moon provides secure, reliable and cost-effective managed hosting and product maintenance for the complex websites and applications we develop.

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