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Corporate Website Development:

Delivering your brand to the world.

Your corporate website is the leading edge of your enterprise brand.

Corporate websites have responsibilities to a variety of stakeholders: Customers, employees, investors, shareholders, regulators, vendors, strategic partners and more. As the digital future arrives, the depth and breadth of what they must do can be staggering, and the opportunities vast.

Market leaders and large enterprises need a web partner with cross-functional capabilities to design, develop and deliver web solutions that leverage all the Digital Revolution has to offer. Espresso Moon offers a hybrid approach that integrates brand expression with digital technology, to fulfill critical brand promises and bring important ideas to life.

Our talent pool is made up of recognized experts in business operations, digital research and strategic development. Engagements begin with planning processes that integrate business visioning and competitive intelligence with technical depth and digital innovation. Our creative team provides brand expression, corporate image design and support, marketing counsel and clear value language to move innovation into the marketplace.

Our approach to corporate websites is methodical yet innovative and includes proven processes to evaluate needs, generate solutions, manage projects, leverage resources, and deliver results.

Visioning: We work closely with project owners at whatever level they may be, including c-suite as necessary, to identify where we are, where we’re going and how we’re going to get there.

Evaluation: We conduct a “3D” Analysis to uncover Demographics, Demand Drivers and Decision Factors so we can see the problem from the audience’s perspective, and we examine the competitive landscape to identify advantages, opportunities and what differentiation will require.

Planning: We create a work plan based on an agile framework and make agreements on steps and triggers along the way.
Design: We propose functional and look and feel designs in conjunction with internal project owners and establish a visual language and narrative style on which to build.

Development: We build your web assets on the most advanced and dependable technologies and platforms available, using agile framework to co-create with corporate teams to keep projects on track and on message.

Execution: We deliver complete websites that are tested internally, by the client and by independent users to ensure they achieve their goals and stand up to the rigors of the digital environment.

Support: We provide secure, robust hosting services, website maintenance, technical support and online marketing services as needed, and we can integrate websites with back-end processes and marketing fulfillment to create a seamless path from inside operations to outside value.

In short, Espresso Moon supports your brand promise with a thoughtful and reliable approach to web technology.

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