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To take the web world by storm, you need php expertise

PHP is one of the most important server-side scripting languages used in websites throughout the world today. PHP serves an incredible share of current websites — it’s installed on more than 240 million different sites and over two million web servers.

Those servers — and sites — are located all around the world.

PHP is open source software, but don’t let that fool you. PHP is one of the most important single technologies driving the web today. It is the basis for many of the interactive elements that customers increasingly expect from websites, including comments and interactive forums.

PHP reaches its maximum potential when it is blended with “well formed” HTML code. In the few areas where PHP falls short, HTML can be used to ensure that your site performs exactly as you want it to.

PHP code mixes easily with HTML to get results

PHP is highly compact in comparison to many other scripting languages. It is less resource intensive than many alternatives, and it can be made highly secure using the right coding techniques. Plus, it gives both your team and your end users unprecedented control over the user experience.

Snappy “Site-Wide” Templates And Web Frameworks Are Easier Than Ever Using PHP Code

Thanks to the confluence between PHP and HTML, it is easy to develop site-wide templates and frameworks that are dynamic and responsive. PHP, HTML, and CSS can work together to give you complete control over your site with templating.

In fact, PHP is so powerful that many of its applications give templating power to the user. Simply by changing an account option within their own user interface, your user can see your site with the visual “look and feel” that appeals most to them.

Let Espresso Moon give you the PHP implementations and tools you need

If you have a business, then odds are good that there’s some way PHP can help you meet your needs. This is especially true if you are serving a large and growing group of web visitors from throughout the world.

At Espresso Moon, we use the versatility of PHP to support implementations and solutions across a wide variety of different platforms and environments. Of course, if you get web hosting with us, you’re guaranteed an ideal PHP environment.

Call us now to hear all the details on how PHP can make your web presence stronger, sooner.

PHP is one of the most important dynamic technologies on the web today. Discover how Espresso Moon will use it for your business.

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