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MySQL is an open source program that helps web servers to manage and implement functions based on relational databases. Relational databases can maintain huge amounts of data and perform calculations in real-time in order to make sites dynamic.

MySQL is used to provide critical functionality to a wide variety of different web applications. PHP and MySQL are used together to deliver forums, social messaging and other interactive features for websites, for example.

In recent times, MySQL has been challenged by a growing body of “NoSQL” software alternatives that do not use relational databases. Although non-relational databases can be easier for humans to read, the majority of applications still use MySQL.

Why is MySQL the top choice in database management?

MySQL has a number of advantages over alternatives:

It processes data quickly
In the past, it was necessary to be very careful about the configuration of your web server in order to draw data from a database. The relational structure of MySQL helps to ensure that thousands of data requests can be processed in fractions of seconds.

It is highly reliable
MySQL is used and reused again and again partially because of its reliability. MySQL rarely “goes down” and this is almost always traceable to a configuration issue with the MySQL administrator or within the hosting environment itself.

It is easy and flexible
MySQL has been used for thousands of different PHP applications and in many other types of environments. In addition to forums, it can also be used as part of e-commerce solutions and content management systems. For example, it is a key part of Joomla CMS.

Get the power of MySQL on your side effectively and efficiently

At Espresso Moon, MySQL is one of the most important technologies that we work with. Using MySQL correctly, you can develop powerful, dynamic sites controlled almost entirely by your databases. It is fast, versatile, and reliable — everything you need it to be.

MySQL is equally potent for fun applications like forums and business applications. There’s no end to all the different ways that you could put it to use.

A poorly planned MySQL implementation can lead to disaster as, perhaps weeks or months down the line, databases become corrupt or can no longer be accessed. Use true experts for your MySQL to get the best results.

Email us or call today so we can get to work on your MySQL implementation right away.

MySQL is the backbone technology used by millions of websites that draw data from databases. Learn more about this great software and how Espresso Moon uses it.

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