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JSON — JavaScript Object Notation — is a relatively new and very flexible way to use JavaScript. Although JavaScript has a long and storied history, and is one of the first things many developers learn to use, it has persistently held on to some confusing attributes.

JSON helps developers to store information in an easier and more concise manner when they are working on JavaScript projects. “JSON data” helps developers to identify variables, arrays, and other key programming structures and understand their disposition at any given time.

JavaScript has traditionally been understood as a language that’s very easy for computers to “parse” quickly and effectively. However, it has never been very easy for humans to read.

Easy for machines to parse & for humans to understand

Using JSON data, it becomes possible to quickly understand the ins and outs of a completely new program even if it’s the first time that you’ve looked at it. JSON clarifies all of the most important “moving parts.”

Understanding Variables Is The Key To Good Code. One of the most significant benefits that JSON provides to JavaScript developers is the ability to keep track of variables more easily. Variables are absolutely vital, since they are the part of the program on which logical action depends.

With JSON, sites are able to load data faster — and they can also perform asynchronously with greater ease. JSON is typically used in order to make dynamic elements of a web page easier to create and maintain. That also makes things more convenient for users.

JSON data is one of our secret weapons & it can be yours, too

Do you have an ongoing and important JavaScript project that needs the best possible support? If so, we can help you by demonstrating the ways that JSON can simplify and streamline your process. We can even develop custom JSON libraries for you.

Understanding and using JSON is one of the ways that the Espresso Moon team has delivered on some of the fastest development cycle times in the industry. Despite our speed, we are also well known for exceptional quality assurance.

Simplifying projects without sacrificing features is one of the keys to our success.

To learn more about JSON — whether you wish to use it “in-house” or desire a complete JavaScript project with JSON features — call us today. We are ready and waiting to get started.

Wondering how to make JavaScript code easier to navigate and understand? At Espresso Moon, our secret weapon for efficiency is JSON.

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