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Use Javascript more easily with the JQuery library

Thanks to its undeniable value in the world of mobile computing, JavaScript is making a comeback in software development.

In the early days of the web, JavaScript was critical to developing interactive web pages. However, many people thought that it had been fully superseded by the early 2000s.

Things have changed rapidly thanks to the advent of mobile computing. Developers and clients alike are looking twice at the power of JavaScript to help them reach their goals.

How can you get the most value from JavaScript quickly? The team at Espresso Moon will tell you that JQuery is the secret — and it’s one that we use to develop great JavaScript applications.

With JQuery, you can truly write less & do more

JQuery is a library for JavaScript that helps “smooth the path” for some of the most requested JavaScript features. In effect, it helps developers to do more within a shorter time by defining best practices and providing useful tools.

The purpose of JQuery is to reduce major, common JavaScript tasks to single lines of code.

What specific areas does JQuery help with? The current version does all of the following:

  • Manage manipulation of HTML files to promote better website interactivity.
  • Manage manipulation of CSS files to provide for visual configuration changes.
  • Provide HTML event methods to handle more sophisticated HTML tasks.
  • Provide effects and animations that typically required heavy coding before.
  • Allow for easy integration of functionalities related to Ajax.

We can help you uncover the true value of JQuery tools

All of these are common JavaScript needs, so having them centralized in just one place can shave days off your development process. That means developers have more time to focus on building new tools for strategic tasks.

At Espresso Moon, we’re not just a technology or business consultancy, and we don’t just do design. We also take every step possible to help you uncover the advantages of technology for yourself.

JQuery is one of the most powerful and versatile tools that we use when JavaScript is needed. We can also train your internal experts on how to use JQuery to maintain their existing projects — or even get a head start on future projects.

At Espresso Moon, our deep expertise helps us bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be in the world of technology. Call or email us so we can get started fast.

Fast, efficient JavaScript projects are created using the tools of JQuery. Learn about how we can get your project done faster and better with this great library.

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