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Want a site you can maintain & update fast? Use CSS

When it comes to the internet, nothing is more basic than Hypertext Markup Language — known informally by almost everyone on the web as HTML.

HTML was first developed in order to be the defacto global standard for the transmission of texts over the internet. Complex issues such as multimedia and interactivity were not even on the menu in those days!

In order to be compatible with the wide variety of emerging web browsers, early HTML was intended to give very few directives in terms of “how” content should be displayed. The very earliest HTML barely defined colors for text.

What is CSS all about & why should web developers use it?

CSS — Cascading Style Sheets — allows web developers to specify visual information for how a site should be displayed.

It goes above and beyond the limitations of HTML, which — in order to ensure operability — very specifically denies developers the chance to specify visuals.

Developers generally use CSS in order to control font type, size, and color. Different categories can be defined within a CSS file in order to ensure that, for example, headers are always presented a certain way.

CSS makes the difference between an average site and a wow site

CSS allows you to make sure that your website will be displayed in the manner you intend no matter what kind of platform your visitor is using to view the site. Likewise, you can make global changes to your site by editing just one or two files.

When combined with other tools, like PHP, CSS can be used in a way that allows users to choose the color scheme or fonts they prefer, without affecting other users.

Not that long ago, it was challenging and complicated to update the visual look and feel of a website. Now, you can do it in a granular and simplified way using CSS — if your CSS is implemented correctly in the first place.

If you want to have complete control over the visual look and feel of your site, and create something that will truly adapt with the times, then you need CSS. Espresso Moon can deliver the expertise you require.

Contact us here at Espresso Moon any time to learn about how we can combine CSS, HTML, Java and much more to give you a great new site that will adapt as you do

CSS — Cascading Style Sheets — is a technology that can give you complete control over the visual and typographical elements of your site that HTML used to leave untouched.

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