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The development of your new site is only the beginning

There are many different ways to approach the development of a new website for your business. In some cases, you want to see the entire development process and the ongoing maintenance done by outside partners, such as Espresso Moon.

In others, the initial development may be done by a partner, but you also want the sleek and integrated control that comes from being able to update and maintain the site yourself. If this is the case, Bootstrap is a good option to consider.

Bootstrap is an integrated design tool that provides easy access to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks for website development. One of the most critical design features of Bootstrap is the fact that it makes “responsive” sites — sites that look great on multiple mobile platforms.

A mobile first technology that makes design easier

Bootstrap is a perfect way to get started with your development if you are planning to target the ever growing market of individuals who get the majority of their online connectivity from their mobile device. It’s also great for focusing on travelers and business pros.

We can develop your site in Bootstrap and then put you in the driver’s seat

Bootstrap is fast and easy to use because of its built-in CSS preprocessors. This allows the CSS code in your site to perform better and faster. However, it also gives you a wide variety of other great widgets that make maintaining your site simple.

As an open source software, Bootstrap is also largely “future proof.” In addition to your friends here at Espresso Moon, it is also supported by thousands upon thousands of developers worldwide. When new mobile devices come along, Bootstrap will be ready.

Bootstrap tools can help make your website a unique web contribution

If you are looking for a way to develop a website that your own in-house team may be able to completely take over and run in the near future, Bootstrap tools can be right for helping you achieve your goal.

Thanks to the wide variety of different tools available in Bootstrap, you just might find that you can easily transition and take over your Espresso Moon project from us — while still maintaining top-level typography, buttons, forms, JavaScript and much more.

Let us help you design a great site and achieve mastery over it using your Bootstrap tools. Call us or send us a message through email or our contact form today. We are available to help you reach your technology and business aspirations.

The Espresso Moon team is proud to use Bootstrap as one of our core technology tools when it comes to native mobile applications.

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