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VBScript is a powerful tool for making great applications

Have you thought about how VBScript can help you achieve your goal for your web pages? Although VBScript is talked about less in the web design community, it can be a powerful tool for a variety of uses — pages on company intranets, for example.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of VBScript that many people might not consider.

VBScript is not something that you need to download or pay for separately in order to make it work. VBScript has been a built-in feature of Microsoft Windows since Windows 98. On server editions of the operating system, it has been around since Windows NT 4.0.

VBScript is easy to port wherever you need it to go

In order to be active in your desktop or other environment, VBScript has to be executed within a host environment. There are several different appropriate hosts that are built into Windows. The omnipresent web browser, Internet Explorer, is one of them.

VBScript is compatible & installed

VBScript is sometimes the best tool for the job
VBScript is one of the languages that can be easily used to modify Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS), the extensible web server implemented within the Windows NT family of servers. This can make it uniquely valuable for creating server tools.

VBScript is easy to understand and use
As the name suggests, VBScript is the “scripting version” of Visual Basic. Although Visual Basic has not been updated by Microsoft in many years, it still has a developer community of hundreds of thousands — potentially including some of your in-house IT personnel.

Let Espresso Moon show you the full potential of VBScript

At Espresso Moon, we know that matching the right tool to the job is one of the most important steps you can take to make sure you get the results you want. It’s one of our core guarantees in every type of technical job we take on.

Even “tools” that don’t get a lot of press — such as VBScript — can be the perfect way to get you where you need to go if the project has the right specifications.

That’s why we take so much care to develop our understanding of your exact requirements.

Call us today and a member of our team will discuss your project with you, answer your questions, and help develop the best approach possible for your needs.

When it comes to building customized solutions, VBScript is “everywhere you want to be”. Learn about this unique Microsoft modality here at Espresso Moon

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