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Are you getting the most out of SharePoint?

SharePoint has been around practically since the very day the internet started to come into its own. First developed in 2001, it was one of the most powerful business tools in the world for collaboration.

With the right techniques and approaches, it still can be. However, most enterprises these days are leaving the true power of SharePoint on the table. That’s one reason why Espresso Moon encourages clients to make sure they’re getting true value from SharePoint.

SharePoint has generally been used by most enterprises as a way to develop their corporate intranet sites. SharePoint is a great way to get started in this area because it is highly secure and provides built-in collaboration tools.

A corporate intranet can be extremely valuable for centralizing and sharing information, keeping stakeholders apprised of important changes, and getting team members from throughout the whole company to work together more effectively.

Intranet development & management made simple

Content management with business class users firmly in mind
As part of its intranet functions, SharePoint provides a variety of content management options. These allow an administrator or administration team to develop a fully branded approach to the intranet and other corporate websites, which makes them easier to navigate.

One of the most valuable things about SharePoint content management is that it makes the intranet simple to maintain when the former administrator moves up or moves on. Data is kept in a neat and organized fashion so that succession planning is easier.

Document management that makes your life easier
SharePoint’s document management abilities make it easier for teams to collaborate and co-edit important documents. The document management system provides change controls that help ensure important documents are always up to date.

Let Espresso Moon show you what SharePoint can really do for your growing business

Used correctly, SharePoint can come out of the background and become one of the most important tools for helping your stakeholders work together across a growing enterprise.

Whether you are simply looking for project-focused advice on using SharePoint better, or want customized software that can help you bring new functionality to your SharePoint system, we are eager to help you.

To talk to the experts who have helped businesses just like yours achieve far better results from SharePoint, give us a telephone call or send us an email message. We will be in touch with you soon to help you.

SharePoint is one of the most trusted and reliable systems for communication and collaboration. At Espresso Moon, we know how to enhance it even further.

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