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Need more efficient programs? Time to move up to C#

One of the questions that we receive very often here at Espresso Moon is whether to use C# or C++ for a project. Of course, one of our goals early on in any process is to ensure that we use the best programming languages and development environment for you.

Some projects benefit from C++, while others do best in C#, but what are the real attributes of C#? It would be incorrect to say that C# is nothing but an iteration of C++, and you shouldn’t disregard the power of this language because of the name.

When comparing C++ and C#, you’ll find that C++ generally runs faster than C#. This can make a difference when you are dealing with larger applications or a dynamic environment where speed is a high priority. However, that doesn’t tell the entire story.

In the battle between C# & C++, C# has distinct advantages

C# has a much vaster library of standard features and approaches than does C++, and C# developers are always coming up with new libraries to continue to extend its functionality.

Likewise, C# has more sophisticated ways of handling certain development challenges that are perplexing in C++. This means that less code overall can be used to achieve the same effect, which can help C# catch up in the speed department.

In a virtual machine environment, C# usually wins hands down over its competitors.

C# can do more for your business, faster, when you partner with Espresso Moon

The most experienced C# programmers — including those at Espresso Moon — understand how to incorporate “ordinary” C code within C# programs in order to both account for C#’s few design pitfalls and improve upon the areas where C++ would not be suitable.

Although variations on the C language have been part of the computing landscape for decades now, C# provides opportunities that are completely new when it comes to the world of C-style “object oriented” programming.

Unfortunately, not every company has the insight or expertise required to know when C# can do more for you than C++. With Espresso Moon, our software architects can evaluate your issues and provide you with the best C# solutions.

To find out more, all you have to do is contact Espresso Moon. We’re awaiting your call, email, or web form and will be in touch with you — “sharp” — with more C# or other software design information.

C# is one of the most promising alternatives to the “stand by” of the C++ language — and at Espresso Moon, we have true expertise in it.

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