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Transform Lotus Notes into a complete solution

Across the United States and around the world, IBM tools such as Lotus Notes, Lotus 1-2-3 and others are still in use in some of the biggest enterprises — including Fortune 100 companies.

If your business is using IBM Lotus branded products and you’d like to discover a way to get more value from your investment, Lotus Formula may be exactly what you need.

Working in concert with Lotus Script, Lotus Formula is a way to automate common calculations and tasks that you achieve through Lotus products.

Just as with conventional “end user” focused spreadsheet products, Lotus Formula gives you the power to do the most complex mathematical work on Lotus quickly and easily.

Would you like to be able to process data and develop excellent reporting on Lotus products fast? Lotus Formula is the way to do it — and it is surprisingly easy to use.

Automation is a snap when you use Lotus Formula

At Espresso Moon, we’ve helped IBM-focused enterprises use Lotus Formula for:

  • Keeping track of payroll, expenses, and other key financials for quarterly reporting.
  • Managing compliance-related calculations and reporting for key compliance auditors.
  • Capturing, reporting, and computing IT and other performance metrics more quickly.
  • Raising efficiency by optimizing business processes such as employee scheduling.

By evaluating your needs, we can provide you with the detailed Lotus Formula codes you need to get the efficient and accurate results you want.

At the same time, we can work with key stakeholders to find new and better ways for you to use your Lotus products in the pursuit of efficiency and profit.

Let us give you the power of Lotus Formula for your business applications

Many ordinary users and consumers “get by” with the basic Lotus Notes functionality — all without ever using Lotus Formula. However, Lotus Formula is critical if you want to create a complete business solution that is aligned to your enterprise’s needs.

Lotus Formula calculations are critical for effectively dealing with major accounting and compliance tasks. Luckily, Espresso Moon provides complete expertise in these matters.

For Lotus Formula tools that suit your company, call or email us. We will be more than happy to work with you to find the perfect Lotus Notes solution for your accounting, compliance, and other areas of your business.

Don’t delay: Get in touch with us now and truly unlock the power of Lotus Notes.

It’s always possible to get more value from Lotus Notes and other Lotus-branded IBM products. All you need is the power of Lotus Formula.

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