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Experts in IBM Technology:

The platform of choice for the distributed enterprise.

An exceptional messaging solution for large enterprises

When it comes to unique solutions for large enterprises, it’s hard to imagine a company that has more to offer than IBM. IBM is one of the most innovative, stable, and resourceful names in the world of enterprise computing.

IBM Domino — which was formerly known as IBM Lotus Domino — is a server-side implementation of IBM’s top collaborative software platform. It provides a range of robust features and a low cost of ownership.

If you are looking for ways to extend the value you get from IBM Domino using Espresso Moon, or just thinking about whether or not the platform is right for you, read this first to learn more.

IBM gives your business clear, effective collaboration

IBM Domino is a platform for messaging and “social business applications,” including complete collaborative suites. It has a number of advantages compared to possible alternatives from other manufacturers:

It is inexpensive to maintain
IBM Domino has been designed to be largely self-monitoring and self-regulating. This can lead to headcount reduction in the enterprise or strategic refocusing of your IT personnel.

It has minimal infrastructure requirements
With reduced requirements in the full spectrum of IT assets — power, memory, overall storage capacity, and bandwidth — IBM Domino can be implemented across a large geography easily.

It has a varied assortment of applications
IBM Domino is extensible with a wide variety of different applications, and can also interface with custom-developed solutions such as the ones you might get from Espresso Moon.

It is highly secure
IBM Domino benefits from a wide range of highly granular security controls. These help to ensure that documents are authenticated and data is protected.

It is highly available
Thanks to great diagnostic tools that automate the majority of fault recovery tasks, your IBM Domino implementation “bounces back” from errors fast.

We can roll out IBM Domino to your enterprise quickly & easily

When it comes to large-scale implementations, there are many issues to consider. However, if you want a reliable and cost-effective way to get the advantages of IBM Domino, we can help.

At Espresso Moon, we understand the unique ways in which IBM software can make large businesses competitive. With combined business and software backgrounds, we always keep the drivers of success in mind.

Making sure your IT is fully aligned to your goals means getting the best collaboration you can, and IBM Domino can get you there. Call or email Espresso Moon to learn more about custom IBM Domino implementations and tools.

IBM Domino is perhaps the most important communication and collaboration software in the IBM space. With Espresso Moon, you can make it even better.

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