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Hybrid App Development:

Bring your own solution to the “bring your own device” world.

PhoneGap makes it possible to break out of the proprietary ecosystem dilemma

Released by Adobe in 2011, PhoneGap is one of the most powerful tools around for developing cross-platform software for mobile devices.

Using PhoneGap, you no longer need to focus your software development efforts exclusively on just one platform or use languages associated with just one brand.

The software developers who became “PhoneGap early adopters” are now some of the most influential in the mobile ecosystem — and companies using PhoneGap can position for lasting advantages over those focused exclusively on Android or Apple.

The PhoneGap advantage comes from using languages you know

The developers of PhoneGap wanted to break out of the challenging development conditions that were imposed by using Objective C, Eclipse, and other languages and environments that were favored by titans of the “mobile application wars”.
In order to ensure maximum interoperability across platforms, PhoneGap development focuses on some of the most fundamental languages:

  • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • JavaScript

Applications, mobile sites, and other projects are developed in PhoneGap and the framework itself helps “bridge the gap” so that they will be compatible across the full ecosystem.

Although PhoneGap is not open source, it has so far shown itself to be extremely resilient, providing functionality that few competitors have risen to challenge just yet.

PhoneGap is one of the preferred frameworks that we use here at Espresso Moon because it is fast, easy, and less prone to errors than some alternatives. This means that you can be reaping the benefits of the software you need faster than you may have thought possible.

With Espresso Moon and PhoneGap, your software will be ready to rule the mobile world

The traditional approach to mobile software is to develop a product that works well on a single platform and then “port” it using new techniques and tools. However, these ports can take a long time and may not be “perfect.”

With PhoneGap, Espresso Moon can develop mobile software that can be much more easily adapted to multiple mobile platforms. If you ultimately want your software to be compatible with Android, Apple, and more, PhoneGap can help.

At Espresso Moon, we’re dedicated to using the right tools for your job. Call or email us and we’ll develop a plan that will suit your future software and your business goals. It’s just that simple.
The sooner you get started, the sooner your application will be a reality!

Thanks to PhoneGap, Espresso Moon team members can ensure that your mobile application is true “mobile native” software — reliable and stable.

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