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Cutting Edge Apple iOS Development:

Make an impact in the exploding iOS ecosystem.

Apple development just got easier thanks to cocoa

There’s a large number of different frameworks and tools that you could choose from when you’re looking for the fastest and easiest way to develop software for Apple. Here at Espresso Moon, we’ve tested and used them all extensively.

Cocoa and Cocoa Touch are frameworks that are integrated into Xcode, one of the top IDEs for developing Apple-compatible software. Cocoa APIs make it easy for us to implement a wide variety of great features in your software thanks to their high-level functionality.

Cocoa Framework provides the ability to add major features and functionality to software with a small amount of code.

How cocoa framework makes your software more tasty

Some of the most important things that Cocoa can do quickly are as follows:


Animation can help your programs to stand out from the crowd by making them more engaging for your end users. No longer does it take hours to integrate basic animation functionality into your software.


Networking is crucial for a wide variety of different applications. Whether you are developing business software or a game application, networking is one of the most important ways to enhance your value.

Native Platform Appearance

When we use Cocoa Framework to deliver on your project, you can rest assured that it will have the consistent visual appearance that Apple users expect from their software and applications. That helps your programs to look professional and get better reviews from users.

With Espresso Moon & Cocoa Frameworks, you have a winning combination

The advantage of Cocoa comes from the fact that it can develop applications in a way that mimics OS X’s own development. This means that software developed using these tools is “seamless” and runs smoothly when used.

Because of the robust libraries, APIs, and runtimes that are available through the Cocoa Framework, it’s now possible to get your company started on its journey to complete iOS software faster than ever.

To get the most from Cocoa Frameworks, though, you need a team that can provide you with the in-depth knowledge of C and C++ that can fill out the outlines of your project. That’s where our team comes in here at Espresso Moon.

Reach out to us today to learn how you can pair Cocoa Frameworks and Espresso Moon for a successful software project that will be truly delicious. Your company can be part of the Apple ecosystem before you know it.

When you work with Espresso Moon, these “tasty” Cocoa Frameworks give us the ability to manage high-level Apple development tasks flawlessly.

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