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Corporate Identity and Brand Design:

Expressing the value that sets you apart.

Brand design is at the heart of all we do.

Your brand is the promise you make to the people you serve – nothing more, and certainly nothing less. And like all promises, it must be true or it’s worthless. That means the behaviors you promise must be based on the vision that drives you. What your stakeholders experience must align with what you intend. And the way you express that promise must resonate with your market and differentiate you from all other offers.

If it seems odd at first glance that a company like Espresso Moon would be talking about brand design, consider this: To effectively contribute to your strategic goals, your technology infrastructure, custom software, mobile apps and websites all work together to either support delivering on your brand promise or expressing that promise – or both.

Espresso Moon offers a unique ability to integrate brilliant brand design throughout all your communication deliverables – digital and traditional – to ensure the value that differentiates you also drives operations, administration and market outreach.

Led by Tim Johnson, a respected strategic designer with a long history of creating successful brand programs, our design team offers a unified suite of design deliverables integrating a spectrum of key areas:

  • Corporate Identity Design: Iconic corporate brand images recognized around Houston and across the country. Logos and turnkey identity programs that differentiate and position market-leading brands.
  • Marketing Collateral and Trade Dress: Individual communication deliverables and complete print collateral packages, including brochures, direct mail, trade show graphics, advertising, signage, newsletters and much more.
  • Integrated Digital Design: Websites and software solutions offering compelling visual design and value language, integrated with existing brand guidelines or as part of new brand design programs. Naming, software brand image design, UI/UX design and copy writing – all coordinated with our world-class custom programming and development capability to deliver digital solutions internally or online.

Download our Brand Design Portfolio (PDF) or contact us today for a no-obligation consult on the power of brand design.

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