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Custom Dashboard Design:

We give executives the power to manage Big Data.

Struggling with big data? We can help clarify decisions

If you have a large enterprise, odds are very good that you manage a great deal of data on a regular basis.

There are some industries that are very “data heavy,” such as manufacturing and healthcare. However, even the most “data light” industries are quickly absorbing more and more information at a more rapid pace than ever before.

The age of big data is upon us:

  • There are more sources of information for businesses to sift through than ever before.
  • There are more customer “touch points” where data can be used than ever before.
  • There is fiercer competition to get user data and to make use of it than ever before.

With all that being the case, you need a custom software solution if you want to understand the key drivers of your business. Espresso Moon’s team uses database engineering and data mining skills in order to bring your dashboards to life.

Make it easier for your top executives to perform

Executives only have a very limited time in which to make the best decision possible. Likewise, although they might have limited data, all the data they do have should be readily available.

With a custom dashboard from Espresso Moon, we link your computer systems and key equipment together and aggregate data in a unique way that suits your business and its needs.

With this centralized and aggregated data platform, you will become aware of data and trends that you may not ever have known about before. This provides you with the insights and the actionable intelligence that you need to improve your business practices.

It can save you thousands of hours — and uncover opportunities worth millions of dollars.

It’s Never Been Simpler To Get The Custom Dashboards Your Enterprise Needs

No matter what your key success indicators are, Espresso Moon can design a custom dashboard implementation for you that will capture the most important data.

Once you have that data in front of you, you’ll be free to act — and to expand upon your dashboards as necessary to take in new information as it emerges.

If you want to enjoy the flexibility and power of custom dashboards, you’ve come to the right place. Our combination of business and technical expertise is second to none.

Email or telephone Espresso Moon today to get the facts on your new custom dashboards.

With custom business dashboards from Espresso Moon, you have faster and more efficient access to the key information that makes your business profitable.

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