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Strategic Technology Consulting:

Align your digital infrastructure to achieve your goals.

Technology can mean the difference between defining the future or being stuck in the past.

Change is exciting, but it’s certainly not without risks. Whether you’re starting up, merging, expanding or looking to address a particular operational issue, the choices you make now will impact your organization for a long time to come.
Espresso Moon provides proven strategic advisory and support services around planning, selection, implementation and management of your digital infrastructure. On the business operations side, we bring leadership experience in compliance, quality management and business process improvement. As technology experts, we’ve worked in virtually every platform to create enterprise-wide solutions that stand the test of time.
We have extensive experience evaluating and integrating existing environments, creating new hardware and software solutions to bridge gaps, improve workflows, unblock clogged pathways and stand up entirely new systems. We understand the ins and outs of technology consulting for all major enterprise hardware solutions, and can make your hardware and software work together effectively.

So we not only light the path to your digital future, we’ll drive you where you need to go.

A typical technology consulting engagement involves:

  • Establishing a communication plan that will help all major stakeholders understand their roles.
  • Reporting and data gathering to help reduce risk and demonstrate ROI.
  • Phased deployments to ensure full business continuity and minimal disruption.
  • Ongoing training and support so your tools help you reach your real goals.

Knowledge across IBM, Microsoft, Apple, & other platforms

Got a big business problem and no clear solution on the horizon? Not only can we design and create the solution for you, but we can also help you roll it out to your key stakeholders, manage their training, and ensure you get the value opportunities you expect. From the macro, enterprise-level systems that power your operation to the distributed hardware and software applications that serve your stakeholders on the desktop and mobile level, we can design and manage systems that integrate all your resources into a single, reliable asset that delivers value at every point.

For a free, no-obligation consultation on unlocking the potential of your business technology, contact Espresso Moon today.

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