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Espresso Moon’s Driving Values:

Integrity, communication and innovation.

We believe the future belongs to those who keep their promises.

The world we live in is changing every day. Not just the obvious things, either, like technology and culture and fashion, but deeper things as well. We see society become cynical as our media, our cultural icons and our political leaders trade integrity for power and fame, as companies choose short-term gains over lasting value, as sacred values are swept away to make way for what’s trending online.

Yet, within the noise there is a quiet cry for Truth, a longing for direction as the digital wave washes over us. Espresso Moon believes the digital future holds great promise for those who stay focused on True North as they navigate the waters of change. The digital revolution is only just beginning, and all who are alive today are positioned to seize what’s possible, to manifest the promise of a more connected human race.

The principles we live by haven’t changed since we opened our doors, and we don’t expect them to just because the world is changing. People still count on us to live in integrity and to communicate openly, not just about what we know, but also about how we keep our commitments and solve important challenges. And they still expect great ideas, sustainable systems and simple solutions to difficult problems.

So our commitment remains to Integrity, Communication and Innovation. If that sounds like your value system, let’s talk.


Understand the goals and what’s being promised. Share our unique perspective. Maintain transparency every step of the way.


Constantly improve our product to deliver only the best. Always go the extra mile. Keep every promise. Build relationships based on trust.


Ask the best questions. Find the best answers. See what others see plus what they miss. Know the future and get there before others.

Espresso Moon LLC

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