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Empowering Remote Property Inspection

Inspectur: Empowering Remote Property Inspection


Before a guest can move into a corporate housing unit, the housing provider must verify that the property is in move-in ready condition. Providers have long relied on analog systems to contract and dispatch inspectors, report inspection results and manage making sure properties are perfect. The accuracy and timeliness of the work is critical, and process is labor intensive.


Espresso Moon created Inspectur, a mobile reporting app supported by a comprehensive inspection data management system that automates every aspect of the inspection process. Inspectors are assigned property inspections via text and use the Inspectur app to record key video, photographic and text-based data such as property condition and inventory of furnishings and housewares. Inspection data is logged into a central management system in real time, and inspection provider data is managed so inspectors can be hired, dispatched, managed and paid in an efficient manner.


Inspectur is enabling one of the country’s leading corporate housing providers to expand their footprint by streamlining the processes that support delivery of quality temporary housing.


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