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The Worldwide Leader in Industrial Seals

Flexitallic: The Worldwide Leader in Industrial Seals


Flexitallic is a 100+ year old company that makes gaskets and sealing products used in the nuclear power, chemical processing, fossil fuels and refining industries. The company relies on digital solutions to enhance and drive business processes throughout their operations, from the manufacturing floor, to their administrative offices and their distribution chain.


We’ve worked with Flexitallic since our earliest days, consulting on business process improvement and developing numerous custom software applications to solve difficult operational challenges. Here are a few examples:

Compliance Applications: Over the years, we’ve delivered several custom software applications to support their ISO 9001 and AS 9100 compliance programs, including document management, certifications, CAPA, inspection control, workflow and calibration management. These applications are designed to integrate with each other as well as ERP and other systems.

International Shipping Applications: Espresso Moon designed a custom shipping support application that provides tools to quickly and easily generate, submit and maintain a repository of international shipping documents supporting NAFTA and other regulations.

Customer Portal: Flexitallic’s Customer Portal allows clients to share specifications with Flexitallic sales reps, purchasing staff and engineers, submit RFQs, track orders, view history and collaborate on new projects within a secure web-app environment.

Mobile App: Gasket Master, Flexillatic’s mobile app, allows similar functionality as the Customer Portal, but on iOS.


The digital expertise we provide to Flexitallic helps them maintain their worldwide leadership position in critical industries.


Business Process Consulting
IU and UX Design
Statistical Analysis
Custom Software Development
Mobile App Development
Application Hosting and Maintenance

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