Blog > Why We Celebrate: A Holiday Message from Espresso Moon

As we put a bow on 2022, it feels right to reflect on what this year has brought us, both good and bad, both troubling and inspiring.

Most of us have felt at least a little bit of apprehension about things going on around us. A scary economic outlook, a contentious political climate, a pandemic that doesn’t seem to want to go away, and looming global conflict. Not to mention the routine challenges of each of our lives.

For us, and we hope for you, these seeming obstacles have served as opportunities. COVID has imposed some restrictions on our being together as a team, but we managed that period well, and are now mostly back in the office. We’ve seen camaraderie, friendship and a deepening of valuable relationships, within our own team and in the communities we’re a part of. We’ve seen the development of solutions to real problems, the emergence of new ideas and new ways of thinking, along with innovative solutions that change the future, if not for the whole world, at least for the part of it that’s within our immediate orbit.

The reasons the season touches our hearts are many, regardless of what the season itself means to each of us. For some, there’s the religious significance. For others, it’s simply the holiday spirit and how it brings together families and friends. And for most of us, it means some time off.

It’s also the end of the year. For us, that means some celebrating. We had our best year ever as far as sales, and we accomplished more than we expected in terms of organizational progress. That’s where the gratitude for our clients and partners comes in.

Of course, the end of a year means the start of another. There’s a sense of new beginnings, new inspiration, new resolutions. We’re looking forward to another set of challenges and new opportunities to build solutions.

So as you enter this season, we wish for you a spirit of gratitude and joy, and the blessing of peace and prosperity in the coming year.


Espresso Moon