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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services:

You want people to find your website, right?

We offer the best modern search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is one of the most important aspects that you can invest in when you want to make your online business successful.

Getting “found” by internet search engines is the lifeblood of e-commerce in the 21st century. Search engine optimization is the set of technical processes and tools that positively affect your search engine ranking.

Almost 80% of all search engine traffic goes to the first five “spaces” on any list of search results. In order to stake your claim on high search rankings, you need to get to work on search engine optimization almost as soon as your website opens for business.

How does search engine optimization with us work?

When you sign up for search engine optimization (SEO) services with us, we comprehensively evaluate your website to understand what you are doing right and what your areas of opportunity may be.

Then, based upon our assessment and consultations with you, we develop search engine “keywords” for you to target. These keywords are the same as the search engine phrases that people looking for your products or services use.

Then, it’s time to target these search engine phrases by making the appropriate changes to your site. This can include altering your content strategy, changing the way that your website is coded, and much more.

Cumulatively, each of these changes add up to make your site more visible on the internet.

What about “off page” and “on page” SEO?

“Off page” SEO is the process of getting others to link back to your website in an effective way. This has a tremendous impact on your search rankings. Ideally, your “on page” SEO will be maximized in a short time, but your “off page” SEO is an ongoing process.

Espresso Moon focuses exclusively on “white hat” methods of SEO. This means that we find ways for you to generate high quality, handcrafted links to your website. Google and other search engines appreciate these methods.

Don’t settle for a “fly by night” operation that might use unethical link building solutions. If you use an unethical strategy to improve your site’s ranking, you may receive temporary traffic — but you are at great risk of being penalized or even eliminated from site rankings later.

Want to automate your SEO for good? Call or email Espresso Moon to get more information on search engine optimization. It’s one of the most important calls you can make in e-commerce.

Search engine optimization from Espresso Moon is critical to helping your site rise to the top of today’s highly competitive search engines.

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