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Reputation Management:

Treat your online brand like gold. Because it is.

Protect your authority & make more money online

These days, before anyone will interact with you in business — or even in your personal life, in some cases — they will first look up your name on the internet.

Do you know what your potential customers will find if they decide to search for your name in a top search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing?

Business owners need to be particularly proactive about ensuring that all of the information that comes out about them — whether it’s attributed to them or their business — is accurate, factual, and non-biased.

As your business becomes bigger, it’s more and more likely that competitors and other jealous individuals will use the largely anonymous channels of the internet to try to besmirch your good name.

In many cases, there are few legal recourses for this kind of activity and you may not be able to get sites to eliminate the information. With reputation management from Espresso Moon, however, you can overpower negative information with positive press.

Reputation management can keep your business secure

As with all of the pages on the internet, the page that contains your negative review or other “bad press” is evaluated regularly by search engines. In addition to working proactively to eliminate bad press where possible Espresso Moon can help you raise good press to the top.

We do this using a variety of methods, including search engine optimization (SEO), contacting the offending websites where inaccurate information is posted, and correcting information on local business directories on behalf of our clients.

With Espresso Moon, you have the opportunity to achieve more influence than ever before over the kind of information that people will find about you online. We help you ensure that your business site is one of the first results around your company’s name, for example.

Proactive approaches are best when it comes to reputation management

Since it is not possible to “police” every website where someone might make a post, we aim to deliver on proactive strategies. We can help you motivate your satisfied customers to leave positive, factual reviews that will gradually displaced unfounded negativity.

Because we have so much experience in a wide range of different IT technology areas, we can do more than competitors when it comes to reputation management. We can even collaborate with you on the rest of your company’s online marketing and communication.

To protect your reputation right away, call or email Espresso Moon.

Online reputation management from Espresso Moon will help you safeguard your good name on the web and put the spotlight on positive press.

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