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Custom Designed WordPress Websites:

Leverage the world’s most popular website platform.

We can help you unlock the versatility of WordPress

WordPress is one of the most widely used and beloved open source software projects in the world today. Originally used as a blogging platform, it can be quickly and easily adapted for business or e-commerce use.

Over 400 million people are served more than 14 billion WordPress pages each and every month. More than 40 million new posts are made on WordPress websites each month, and it is used by people in more than 120 countries.

Yet, WordPress is so versatile and extensible that no two WordPress websites need to look alike. When you partner with Espresso Moon, we can develop a WordPress site for you that has a fully unique and customized appearance.

Why is WordPress so popular for so many websites?

There are many factors contributing to the popularity of WordPress:

  • It is free, so web masters who have a limited budget can get started on it right away.
  • It has a huge existing base of developers, so there are many feature packs to choose from.
  • It is easy to install (with a famous “one click” installer) and very easy to learn.

No matter what level of skill or experience you have on the web, it is possible for you to learn how to easily update and maintain a WordPress site. However, it first has to be designed to your specifications!

WordPress can be your key to a scalable and extensible new business website

For adding features, WordPress has “plug-in” functionality that allows it to easily integrate new software. Plug-ins exist for every function imaginable, from graphics-intensive sliders and portfolios to forums and much more.

Likewise, custom WordPress design centralizes all of its visual and “look and feel” data in the form of standalone packs called themes. Once a theme is developed for you, all of your content is automatically adjusted to match the theme.

If you want to use a different theme in the future, you can simply download it. Likewise for activating and deactivating plugins. These facts are key to the platform’s success.

Many rookie designers make the mistake of creating WordPress websites that are very similar to other sites. However, using the talent of Espresso Moon, you can have a professional WordPress website that represents your company.

Your website will be unique, fully branded, easy to maintain, and easy to update.

Let us demystify WordPress for you and develop the custom themes, CSS, and plugins you will need for the best new WordPress site possible. It may be the easiest way to create a site that your whole company can contribute to in the future.

With Espresso Moon, the ultra-popular WordPress blogging platform can become uniquely your own for your online business or other website.

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