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These days, it has often been said that “content is king” on the internet. But what does content really mean?

On the internet, “content” is different from information. Anyone can write down some information. “Content” is informative, but it is also engaging and compelling.

On the modern internet, content is how we establish that a website really is “written for people” and not just for search engines.

Good content does all of the following:

Content Proves That Your Site Is Authoritative

“Authority sites” are the most powerful on the internet — the ones that have high editorial standards that are believed and trusted within their industry. Authoritative sites have lots of content, providing clear, compelling answers to questions that their web users might have.

Content Helps Raise Your Search Engine Profile

It was not that long ago that the number of links to your website — called “back links” — was the key metric in determining where you would appear in search engine results. These days, more consistent delivery of quality content has an effect many experts believe is almost equal.

Content Helps You Build Relationships With Your Customers

Your business would not last long without your customers, yet most of the relationship building you do online will be done from your website. When you have authoritative content, you build trust and help people to “believe in you” — an important step to doing business with you.

Content Helps You Incentivize The Actions You Want Others To Take

Many online businesses are built around the ways that content can help motivate people to take certain actions. Content can help move your prospective customers to sign up for your mailing list, share your website, bookmark it, or even finally “take the plunge” and close the sale.

Espresso Moon content creation gives your site a voice visitors can trust

In order to make sure your content is the best that it can be, many rules have to be followed. Content should be easy to scan and easy to understand.

Just as importantly, though, it should “connect” with your users and speak to the underlying concerns that have brought them to your site in the first place.

Espresso Moon gives you a complete content strategy along with high quality content that works toward your search engine optimization goals — helping you rank higher on search engines.

To build the customer trust that will grow your business, call or email us today.

Espresso Moon content creation is the core of your online marketing strategy — giving you a compelling way to keep customers coming back.

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