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What is XML? XML — also known by its full name, “Extensible Markup Language” — can be used to encode a variety of different information types within a document.

XML is unique in that not only is it readable by machine, but it can also be understood by anyone with a basic background in XML code.

XML can be used to enhance websites and databases, but one of its most important uses is “single-sourcing” information.

What is single-sourcing & why is it so important to XML?

Single-sourcing refers to controlling changes within a data set by designing it in such a way that the most accurate, up to date data is always shared with each user who requests it. This is achieved by centralizing the data within a “single source.”

Single sourcing is one of the most important methods around when it comes to providing good online help or support for a product. Single-sourced documentation is easy to update and maintain.

XML can also be used for scripting in dynamic websites, such as websites that are based around PHP and MySQL protocols. In these implementations, XML is generally used to pull data from a single source and present it to the end user on the website.

Adapting XML documentation for your enterprise can make things easier for you

More and more enterprises are realizing that change controls on documentation are critical to disseminating accurate, timely data. Using a single-sourced solution with XML makes it easier than ever to keep documentation up to date — because it all exists in a single repository.

XML is easy for non-technical personnel to learn, thanks to its core design principles:


XML strives to be simpler and easier to use than even the most common programming languages, scripting languages, and development frameworks. The data being expressed and the type of data that it is can be understood simply by reading the code.


“Generality” means that XML is intended to be used across multiple different kinds of platforms without worrying about proprietary differences or other issues. No matter how sophisticated your enterprise’s implementation of XML, it is not hard to bring others up to speed.

Internet Usability

XML can be adapted to a wide variety of purposes on the internet, and it turns up in the most unexpected of places. Despite this, though, it is so carefully developed that it can hardly “break” any project.

Espresso Moon developers are masters of XML — call or email us to learn more.

When you have a challenging documentation project to deal with, one of the most important things you can do is bring in XML

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