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Make your sites more fully interactive using Javascript

JavaScript has been around since the early 1990s, and is one of the oldest languages for making websites more interactive. Unfortunately, during some of the more questionable web design phases of the 1990s, it has acquired a mixed reputation.

These days, however, JavaScript is back and more important than ever. JavaScript is used in a wide range of different content management systems and web-focused development frameworks in order to make interactive online experiences.

JavaScript has also benefited from the release of JQuery, a library that has automated some of the most complex (and most common) JavaScript tasks. At Espresso Moon, we proudly keep JavaScript in our toolkit for a variety of uses.

Users thrive on interactivity & customization

Since 1995, the web has been on one firm trajectory: more interactivity. Before there were any of our modern software suites, JavaScript was making this possible. It can still be used to interact directly with the users’ web browser, alter web content, and more.

JavaScript is used in a wide variety of gaming applications, but this is really only the beginning of what it can do. It can also be used for interactive desktop and mobile applications, including valuable business intelligence, collaboration, and reporting tools.

Plus, it serves a central role in a wide variety of common web frameworks. In PHP-based CMS systems and much more, it controls the level of interactivity and the ability users have to customize the site’s “look and feel” to their liking.

Get started with Javascript today with the Espresso Moon team & see it for yourself

Perhaps most importantly for business class users, JavaScript is safe. In the hands of the professionals from Espresso Moon, a holistic approach to security ensures that JavaScript is no more a threat to your data or users than any other interactive interface you might choose to use.

At Espresso Moon, we’ve developed thousands of applications in JavaScript. No matter what kind of interactive effects you’re looking for in your website, odds are good that we have built something similar. Now, let us craft a unique solution for you.

The power of JavaScript can turn an ordinary website into an extraordinary one by reacting to and interacting with users. That’s the spirit of the modern internet personified, and we want to bring it to your enterprise easily.

Email us or give us a phone call today to discuss how JavaScript can enhance your website.

When used right, JavaScript can be a sleek and efficient way to make your content even more interactive. Learn more from us at Espresso Moon.

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