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Cakephp is one of the most popular application frameworks for development on the web. It was modeled after Ruby on Rails, a popular solution for developing business applications. Ruby on Rails has since evolved to handle dynamic web content and much more, besides.

Cakephp has been in development since 2005, and benefits from a large community thanks to its open source development principles. Cakephp has been through a number of different design phases over time, but has maintained its essential simplicity and ease of use.

“Bake” is the programming console that is used with Cakephp. With the right information and inputs, it is possible to create a complete and functional application within a very short time and have it up and running on the web fast.

Cake PHP Bake is different from other web applications

On the web, there are always several tools you can use to get to a defined result. However, few frameworks or IDEs offer the opportunity to create working software quite as quickly as Cake PHP Bake.

With Bake, you can quickly create models, views, and controllers, which are considered to be the foundational elements of a Cake PHP application. Because the process is so intuitive, we often consult with companies to teach them how to use Cake PHP and Bake.

The fact that you can get things done quickly with Cake PHP does not mean it is not a fully featured framework. On the contrary — the short cycle time and easy debugging process can help you develop a full portfolio of web applications and tools quickly.

Cake PHP Bake may have a silly name, but it can make a big difference for your project

With Bake, it’s possible to develop a fully functional application in just a few minutes. However, just as with cooking, you need to understand the ingredients and the process in order to get the best results possible.

At Espresso Moon, our team members have been working with Cakephp Bake and other unique tools for years.

We know when a project is right for this kind of innovative approach and when it needs to be a fully “hand coded” solution.

To get us to work on your next “baking” project, just reach out to our team members any time. We will be glad to discuss your needs and talk to you about the best approach.

Haven’t heard of Cake PHP Bake yet? Espresso Moon team members use it to create fully functioning applications very quickly.

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