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Accelerate your business processes with Ajax

Ajax is short for “asynchronous JavaScript and HTML”, a client-side method of creating asynchronous Web applications. That gives you the power to create web pages that can be partially updated without reloading the entire web page or updating the entire site.

Using Ajax, it becomes possible to accelerate the process of updating pages while reducing the technological overhead involved in each situation. At the same time, you are able to interact with your users more fluidly by making your pages more interactive than they were before.

Ajax is not a standalone technology or protocol, but instead, it outlines a way of using different existing technologies — as suggested in the name, the main tools used are JavaScript and HTML. By combining these in novel ways using Ajax, new techniques of web design and development become possible.

Seeing Ajax In Action With Espresso Moon

Ajax gives your enterprise new and powerful ways to make use of more basic technologies that are already likely widely in use within your web design or IT group. For example, Ajax can be efficiently combined with:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • DOM

Espresso Moon provides expert Ajax development services

The main benefits of Ajax are twofold:

Ajax Websites Are Generally Faster Than Other Websites
Because Ajax websites can be updated in a more dynamic way than other kinds of sites, they are usually faster than similar sites that do not use Ajax. As in most programming situations, there are many different ways to get the same results, but Ajax is fast and efficient.

Ajax Websites Provide Easy Ways To Create Dynamic Content
Dynamic content is content that is interactive — creating a “dynamic” user experience that differs based upon the needs of the end user. Ajax is one of many different ways to implement dynamic content structures, but it is more secure and user friendly than some others.

Because our team members understand the basic technologies that underlie Ajax, we have a special advantage when it comes to designing and developing your Ajax site. With the right programming methods, it becomes possible to develop a dynamic site that’s easy to maintain.

Ajax can be used for a huge number of different projects, so the best first step is to talk to an expert from Espresso Moon. Call, email, or use our contact form to learn more about how we can get your great new Ajax technology up and running.

Ajax makes it much easier to create fast, dynamic web pages and update sites quickly. Learn more about it here.

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