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Visual Basic has been a part of the technology landscape since 1991, when it became one of the first event-driven programming languages to reach the mainstream. Since that time, Microsoft has continued to develop and refine solutions based on its original framework.

Although Visual Basic 6 was completed in 1998 and is no longer officially supported by the Microsoft enterprise as of 2008, it is still used by hundreds of thousands of developers.

Likewise, understanding Visual Basic 6 can help in the design of programs and applications for more modern Microsoft-based environments.

With all of this in mind, Visual Basic 6 can still be a powerful tool, especially if you are concerned about backwards compatibility with earlier applications.

Why should you use Visual Basic 6?

Despite its age, Visual Basic 6 is still supported by a very large community of developers. There are several great reasons for this — but the most important is that it is simply easier to use than many alternatives.

Unlike many other languages, Visual Basic 6 isn’t “just” a programming language — it’s an integrated development environment (“IDE”) that smooths the way to developing complete software solutions.

Visual Basic 6 is also highly compatible with the software industry project management approach known as RAID. In RAID, companies like Espresso Moon achieve better results by building graphical interfaces to help automate common development tasks in Visual Basic 6.

Let the VB6 experts at Espresso Moon achieve your software goals

Third-party components from Espresso Moon can amplify your Visual Basic 6 results

If your company is still using Visual Basic 6, or uses Microsoft components that respond to VB6 — such as IIS — it is important to maintain the organizational expertise necessary to benefit from this great programming language.

At Espresso Moon, we can develop components to extend your Visual Basic development environment or create complete solutions that will allow you to improve on the Microsoft interfaces that still use VB6 at their core

Visual Basic 6 may not be the newest programming language around, but it is truly an example of a language done right — one that continues to solve problems and provide solutions years after its final rendition.

If you need help getting the most from Visual Basic 6, or need a solution created in the language, you can rely on Espresso Moon. Our comprehensive background in solutions old and new will deliver value to your business. Call or email us today to learn more.

Visual Basic 6 may be an older programming language, but it still has plenty to offer you and your enterprise. Learn about how Espresso Moon uses this great tool.

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