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Microsoft .NET Framework can empower your business

The Microsoft .NET framework is one of the most versatile and powerful frameworks available to developers. Using the intuitive and elegant tools provided by Microsoft, developers can call on core functionality with just a single line of code.

When we’re looking for ways to make faster, more versatile, more effective Microsoft-compatible software products, our thoughts always turn to .NET first. Let’s talk more about one of the most important items in the ever-growing kit for Microsoft-savvy developers.

Code interoperability is the key to exceptional value

Microsoft .NET provides standardized code for a wide variety of situations. It also gives developers fuller control over the options that they use to approach their coding challenges.

To give an example: Unlike Apple iOS and OS X, which have been coded with Objective C in mind, many different programming languages can be used to approach issues in Microsoft-compatible software.

Microsoft .NET provides solutions for common problems that help to ensure developers won’t “reinvent the wheel,” while still providing them with a plethora of ways to elegantly resolve their unique challenges.

Get the drop on the competition with Microsoft .NET framework and Espresso Moon

Better memory management means faster and more stable software

Microsoft .NET Framework also helps when it comes to memory management on programming tasks. Memory management is critical for making sure that software runs quickly — and that it remains stable and keeps your system responding properly.

In the past, many of the fabled “Blue Screen of Death” errors under Windows were caused by memory leakage issues. Microsoft .NET Framework was one major step toward the vastly improved stability that Microsoft platforms enjoy today.

.NET also helps to ensure that common security holes are addressed and plugged.

Microsoft .NET Framework is one of the most powerful platforms around for improving the quality of software that your enterprise uses. However, it requires true knowledge of Microsoft and multiple programming languages to get the most from your investment.

Espresso Moon team members not only understand the Microsoft approach, but also know how to help it work effectively with IBM, iOS, Android, and a variety of other alternatives. We also provide services in each of the programming languages that .NET supports.

Let us amplify your business efforts with a better, more robust .NET implementation or custom .NET-compatible tools. Simply give us a call or write an email to hear the facts about our .NET expertise.

When Espresso Moon team members are looking for the most efficient ways to manage key tasks in Microsoft development, we look to the Microsoft .NET Framework.

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