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What is IIS & why do you need it for your business?

Even the most technologically savvy individuals may not have heard about IIS, may have heard of it only in passing, or may not know exactly how it works. However, it can help your business become faster and more effective — especially if you operate in a fully Windows environment.

IIS is an extensible Web server that operates under the Windows NT group of technologies. In addition to providing robust authentication in the most recent versions, it is also extensible — meaning that customized software can be developed so it operates according to your needs.

Internet Information Services is generally used in partnership with another Microsoft technology, Active Server Pages. Although Active Server Pages has not been updated since 2000, it is still a terrific tool for modifying IIS.

All About Internet Information Services (IIS) & Microsoft

IIS extensions, modifications, and modules can be used to enhance the performance of your Windows NT server. Since there are many large enterprises all over the world that continue to use Windows NT, it is always a good idea to have IIS and ASP in your toolkit.

Some of the most popular current extensions under IIS include:

  • FTP Publishing Service for fast publishing of website updates using tough encryption.
  • Administration Pack services for faster management of ASP.NET, FastCGI, and more.
  • Database Manager tool for rapid management of both local and remote databases.
  • Application Request Routing for efficient and granular routing of HTTP requests.
  • Media Services module for the management and routing of rich multimedia content.

Bring your Windows server management to the next level with IIS

If your servers are operating under Windows NT, you need to have complete mastery of IIS in order to get the most value from your IT investment. That includes custom software extensions that help propel your stakeholders toward their goals.

Modifying IIS — with or without Microsoft ASP — is usually part of a larger technology refresh or a reassessment of how your server environment is impacting your business. That being the case, it is a good idea to combine it with business consulting.

Espresso Moon provides the detailed insight on IIS and Microsoft ASP that you need to enhance your servers “across the board.” Likewise, we can provide you with the true business insight you need to make the most of the technology.

To learn more, call or email us at any time.

Microsoft’s IIS tool has been around for a long time, but you could still be getting more value from it. At Espresso Moon, we specialize in IIS and related technologies.

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