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C++ is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world today. Designed by Bjarne Stroustrup, it first appeared back in 1983. It was intended to serve as an evolution of the C programming language, which was one of the most important at that time.

C++ is incredibly influential around the world, and a vast number of desktop applications use C++ predominantly. In addition to business applications and productivity software, C++ is also used in graphics-intensive applications and games.

C#, Java, and even other recent versions of C have drawn from the concepts of C++. It is so important that the top international body for standardization, the ISO, is currently responsible for codifying different versions of it.

No matter what you need done, C++ can do it

One of the reasons that C++ has grown to be so important is that it can solve practically any kind of logical problem. If you can express it, you can do it with C++. Programmers appreciate the way that C++ adapts to their own programming styles, allowing them to select the most intuitive way to resolve a programming dilemma, with few limitations.

C++ also works well alongside a range of other programming languages. Whether you need a standalone business application, a dynamic website, or mobile software, C++ can be coupled with the appropriate other languages to realize your goal.

Even though there have been attempts to improve on C++ — such as C# — C++ still has an enormous amount of momentum. Choosing to develop your projects in C++ means that they will be easier to troubleshoot and update in the future.

For all these reasons and more, C++ is one of the top languages we use at Espresso Moon

C++ is one of the most robust and versatile programming languages around

For the majority of robust desktop applications, C++ is the programming language that can do the job fastest and most effectively. However, it takes true C++ mastery to ensure that the whole framework of your new application is as fast and secure as it can be.

Millions of hobbyists all around the world have some knowledge of C++, but in order for you to get the quality of programming you need for a great business program or customer-facing app, you need a team of veteran programmers like Espresso Moon.

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C++ can achieve practically anything that you can imagine in the world of object oriented programming. Our development team members use it every day.

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