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Microsoft Development:

Emerging and legacy technologies for critical digital environments.

ASP partners with IIS to achieve better dynamic sites

ASP — Also known by the full name “Active Server Pages” — is one of the technologies that is most associated with Microsoft in the software development world.

ASP was one of the first technologies that was developed to make websites dynamic, allowing them to respond to user input and return information from the server.

In days since, it has been largely superseded by other technologies, including ASP.NET, which is also a Microsoft technology. However, even though the most recent stable release was all the way back in 2000, ASP is still used for some purposes

You can integrate HTML, XHTML, and even scripting languages such as JavaScript and VBScript into ASP pages, so they are very versatile. ASP is also generally compatible with IIS, if your enterprise is running the correct version. This makes it a very versatile tool.

Why use ASP instead of languages such as Perl & CGI?

ASP allows you to respond instantly to user needs and dynamically return results from database queries into a user’s browser. That means you can make your pages highly responsive to users. Likewise, its functionality makes it good for both customer-facing and intranet sites.

Speed, simplicity, and security are key selling points when it comes to ASP. ASP code can’t be viewed by the end user, so your websites are more secure than they would be under some other protocols. At the same time, the language can be used to minimize network traffic and overhead.

Coders who have a background in CGI and Perl often report that ASP is somewhat easier to use than those languages. Likewise, it can be much more effective in interacting with Microsoft’s various server services used in the Windows NT family of releases.

The future is now with Microsoft development technology

Active Server Pages was one of the first technologies focused on the development of dynamic web content. For many businesses and larger enterprises, it is still one of the best.

Espresso Moon can help you to unlock its power and even host it in a fine-tuned, fully configured hosting environment.

Would you like to see ASP in action and create a completely dynamic site or IIS extension that meets your needs?

If so, it’s time for you to chat with the experts at Espresso Moon. Call, email, or use our contact form to reach out to us today.

With ASP, the Espresso Moon team can help bring your vision for dynamic content to life. Learn more about it.

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