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Microsoft Development:

Emerging and legacy technologies for critical digital environments.

Microsoft development technology may have briefly experienced some market challenges in the last few years — but Microsoft-focused tools are still among the most reliable and the best in the business world.

Microsoft, long the undisputed leader in the world of desktop computing for private users, has created some of the best development IDEs, frameworks, and languages in IT and computing.

To make sure that we are always able to provide maximum value to our customers, we keep our skills sharp in all of these different Microsoft tools and modalities:

  • Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP)
  • Microsoft ASP.NET Framework
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 6 and Visual Basic Script (VBScript)
  • Microsoft Internet Information Services for Windows NT
  • Microsoft .NET

Even its legacy tools, including VBscript & IIS, are significant

Likewise, we understand how to use open source, hybrid, and web-based tools to make Microsoft products and solutions better. Our software architects remain versed in nearly three dozen different programming languages, toolsets, and development environments.

We can build your custom desktop and server software

If you need software for a Microsoft Windows-focused environment, always side with the experts. While other consultancies have focused on open source software or emerging technologies, Espresso Moon has developed its portfolio of skills both broadly and deeply.

With our knowledge of Microsoft server-side and client-side scripting, we can provide you with both desktop and server applications. Likewise, we are the best in the business when it comes to developing mobile applications that interface seamlessly with Microsoft technology.

The future is now with Microsoft development technology

Although Microsoft has faced stiff competition throughout the United States in recent years, the company still has a lock on many international markets — including emerging markets that could help to define the global economy in coming years.

If you want to pursue key advantages around the world or simply strengthen your company’s technology profile at home, Microsoft development technology can be the best approach for you.

At Espresso Moon, we are always acutely aware of the business factors that define success for our customers. Our technical experts are also accomplished business executives, so we can help you evaluate the right strategic move for you.

Ring us on the phone or send us an email describing your needs and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible. Today may be the day that Microsoft development technology yields great ROI for you.

Using the best Microsoft development technology is critical to the best results. Discover the Espresso Moon difference in our technology and processes.

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