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Does your enterprise use IBM software such as Lotus Notes, IBM Domino and Lotus SmartSuite? Although IBM is all but invisible within the consumer landscape, it has continued to be a ground-breaker and a trendsetter when it comes to larger enterprises.

If you’re not using LotusScript, however, you’re simply not getting all of the value that you possibly could from Lotus software. LotusScript allows you to extend the functionality of the core Lotus suite and do more than ever before.

LotusScript is highly familiar for those who already understand visual basic

LotusScript is easy for a wide range of programmers to use, especially those who already have a background in Visual Basic. Many of the basic functions are similar, and there are few surprises when it comes to learning LotusScript.

In practice, this means we can easily hand off LotusScript solutions to your own internal IT teams. That means you can continue to refine and evolve your LotusScript use over time.

LotusScript compatibility

IBM software programs that are compatible with LotusScript:

  • IBM Domino
  • Lotus Notes
  • Lotus SmartSuite

LotusScript helps you achieve more, faster
Lotus Script is highly valuable for a number of tasks your enterprise probably already does on a daily basis, such as financial calculations and compliance checking. Using LotusScript, Espresso Moon can make these tasks easier — and less error-prone — than ever before.

LotusScript versus Lotus Formula functionality
In some cases, the tasks that you want to achieve through LotusScript can also be managed with Lotus Formula. However, Lotus Formula is generally used for automation-focused tasks. When we evaluate the requirements of your product, we always make sure the best options are used.

To energize your IT, empower your stakeholders with LotusScript tools

If your enterprise is heavily invested in IBM tools and technology, then taking things to the next level with LotusScript is a natural choice. Custom applications using LotusScript solutions can help you to automate, aggregate, and analyze data much more quickly than other types of solutions. At Espresso Moon, our team members are fully versed in the latest Lotus Script approaches.

If you want a leaner, more efficient enterprise with the power to improve processes and trim expenses, Lotus Script can help you get there. Call or email us right away to find out more.

Are you looking for ways to automate complex calculations when you use Lotus-branded IBM software? LotusScript is the easy and efficient way used by Espresso Moon.

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