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The platform of choice for the distributed enterprise.

The DB2 Database Server by IBM is secure & efficient

Are you looking for a new and better way to administer your server architecture? For large enterprises, DB2 by IBM is a great choice. Here at Espresso Moon, we can help you to roll out DB2 or convert your servers for maximum compatibility.

IBM has been working hard on making DB2 better and more versatile than even its most lauded server products of the past. There are DB2 implementations to suit practically every kind of business, and the feature set is second to none.

The DB2 family of products currently includes:

  • DB2 For Linux
  • DB2 For Unix And Windows
  • DB2 For Mainframe (z/OS)
  • DB2 For The iSeries
  • DB2 For VSE (VM)

Laser targeted to help businesses do better competitively

Why should you consider the challenge and expense of a conversion to DB2? The features offered in this latest iteration by far and away make up for the initial learning curve:

Better Security
Security on IBM DB2 is more robust than ever before. This includes built-in features such as authentication, authorization, auditing, and encryption. All of them are backed by granular controls so that each user can have an appropriate security clearance.

High Availability
Your databases will continue to operate through both scheduled and unscheduled outages thanks to DB2. If infrastructure fails, DB2 has features in place to help ensure that critical information won’t be lost. All of this makes it easier to reach your tough SLAs.

Automated Maintenance
DB2 infrastructure comes complete with the ability to self-monitor memory allocation, storage, and adherence to the IT policies that you program into the system. The purpose of DB2 is to make sure that IT pros can focus on the larger concerns of the business.

Espresso Moon delivers the DB2 Database skills your company needs

Even though other brands have heavier marketing, IBM is still one of the top choices in the world when it comes to running your servers. DB2 is an especially good choice if security is critical to your business infrastructure.

When it comes to a server implementation, a good conceptual framework is critical.

To get fast, reliable performance out of DB2, trust in the IBM experts here at Espresso Moon. We know how to make IBM software operate smoothly in today’s blended business environments.

Call or email us right away to discuss how DB2 can make your business even better.

If you are looking for a robust and scalable way to implement servers, IBM’s DB2 may be perfect for all of your needs.

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