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Objective C is the key to dominating in iOS and OS X Apple programs

When Apple needed to choose a programming language for its OS X and iOS operating systems, it chose Objective C. Although there are many different ways to develop programs under Apple platforms, pulling them all together effectively requires Objective C insight.

Objective C has actually been around for far longer than its prominent era today. It was developed all the way back in the 1980s, in the same timeframe that C++ and other major languages were being put together.

Objective C is different from C++ and other object oriented programming languages because it uses messaging protocols and formats inspired by Smalltalk. “Messaging” is one of the most critical concepts from Smalltalk, and it makes Objective C unique.

The combination of C-style and Smalltalk functionality can make Objective C more effective for various kinds of programming tasks. In practice, it is much more flexible and versatile in the way that different programming elements are allowed to interact.

Objective C can go above & beyond other object oriented programming languages

Dynamic approaches in Objective C make it easier to develop elegant, efficient programming solutions — the kind of solutions that Apple customers have come to expect from Apple and its developers.

Objective C is used exclusively in a variety of Apple products.

OS X and iOS are built around Objective C, so getting a complete picture of Apple-focused design requires knowledge in the language — even if you are using an IDE that breaks most tasks down into HTML, CSS, and Java.

At Espresso Moon, our software architects have been using Objective C “since before it was cool” and have closely followed the evolution of the language. For this reason, we can make it do things that newer developers might not even think of.

Let us help you use the power of Objective C to your advantage

Although Objective C is an object oriented programming language like C++, that doesn’t mean that it can be easily mastered in a short time. Developing great applications and programs for Apple platforms, in particular, requires a wealth of experience.

At Espresso Moon, many of our software developers have been working with Objective C since it became part of the Apple landscape. We understand how to develop a great Apple compatible product in Objective C and make it easy to port to other platforms.

Contact our team today to learn more about how Objective C energizes your software projects.

Objective C is the programming language of choice when you need to develop solutions for Apple platforms — and at Espresso Moon, we know it inside and out.

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