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Cutting Edge Apple iOS Development:

Make an impact in the exploding iOS ecosystem.

Do you want software that will make an impact on the huge – and growing – iOS ecosystem? The iOS operating system is the basis of Apple products including the iPad, iPhone, and more.

The iOS operating system represents:

  • About 43% of all smartphone sales throughout the United States.
  • Well over half of all tablet computer sales from major suppliers.
  • More than 800,000 individual applications across all platforms.
  • The most-used mobile devices specifically for internet surfing.

That means that when you start an iOS project, you could be positioned to achieve huge exposure and profit. To stand head and shoulders over the rest, however, you need to use a development team that has the latest Apple iOS developer technology.

Cutting edge iOS development

There are many different tools and environments that can be used for designing software for iOS. The best tools provide developers with the ability to create fast, stable, and secure applications that will operate seamlessly throughout the entire collection of Apple devices.

At Espresso Moon, our team consistently remains on the cutting edge of iOS development. We combine our deep knowledge of how iOS works with proven industry expertise in testing and quality control. That means your application works quickly and well.

What kind of application development tools do we use?

Our team members have experience in dozens of different programming languages and integrated development environments (IDEs). These skills inform everything they do, which includes Apple iOS development.

However, there are some tools that are truly key to our operations:

Cocoa Frameworks

Cocoa is a design framework that is used by the most savvy of Xcode developers. It provides fast access to some of the most sophisticated features in iOS development, including animation and networking. This enhances your application and gives it the professional polish users expect.

Objective C

Objective C is the main programming language used in the iOS landscape. Objective C is highly flexible, and applications that use Objective C can be developed in such a way that they will work seamlessly across the many different devices and interfaces iOS can use.


Xcode is one of the most versatile and powerful IDEs in the world of Apple iOS. Xcode’s robust feature set allows developers to generate effective, reusable code, reducing development time and making it easier to port your iOS project to non-Apple platforms in the future.

Want to learn more? Call or email Espresso Moon to talk to the industry leaders in Apple iOS development. We look forward to making your project a reality.

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