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Java was one of the first methods for dynamic content

One of the most basic and fundamental technologies on the Web today is Java. Java has been helping developers to create dynamic content — content that responds to user inputs without reloading web pages — since 1995.

he very earliest Java programs were simple, and the language developed a reputation for being slow and prone to some performance issues. Over time, however, it has been refined into one of the most versatile tools for programming on the web and in mobile platforms.

Today, Java appears in a vast assortment of different software application frameworks. These include many of the top frameworks that are used for developing iOS, Android, and other types of mobile applications.

Likewise, Java combines with HTML, XTML, CSS, and PHP to boost many of the most interactive websites out there in the world today.

Odds are good your own Espresso Moon solution may include Java, so let’s learn more.

Concerned about Java? Let’s clear up the myths & facts

Java is not to be confused with JavaScript. While Java is a complete programming language, JavaScript is a much simpler scripting language. Many of the issues — including security issues — that have been associated with the name “Java” over time are actually problems with early JavaScript.

Today’s Java is both robust and stable. In fact, Java is enjoying a resurgence because it is central to so many mobile applications that are developed today. For most purposes, Java is the fastest and cleanest way to produce an interactive mobile experience.

Java also benefits from a huge user community around the world. Many web developers learn Java as one of the fundamental languages they pick up first, along with HTML, CSS, and on occasion, C++.

With Espresso Moon, you can embrace clean, well-designed Java!

Java can be a powerhouse of it ROI for you and your business
Java is a long-standing technology that many people are familiar with. However, getting the best possible results from Java requires more than a passing familiarity.

At Espresso Moon, our software development experts have logged thousands upon thousands of hours with Java programming, especially on mobile platforms.

Don’t let the misinformed opinions of a few people turn you off to the power of efficient, secure, well-crafted Java: Espresso Moon can help you get there.

Call or email us right away to learn more about how our “best practices” Java approach can help you generate great dynamic content or standalone applications.

Are you tapping into the full power of Java? At Espresso Moon, we’ve helped clients to do amazing things with this long-time standard

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