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Eclipse a trusted & stable development environment

Have you heard about Eclipse? Practically since the very day that Android was first released, Eclipse has been the official development environment that has made great applications possible.

When we are first evaluating your project, it is important to us to choose the right development environment to meet your needs. The stability and robust feature set of Eclipse make it a clear choice for a wide range of different software projects.

Eclipse is currently in the final stages of its development and will eventually be superseded by the new official development environment, Android Studio. However, it is not clear whether Eclipse will completely become a thing of the past at that time.

The specifications that Google has planned for Android Studio are very ambitious, and the new IDE is still in a relatively early beta phase. When Android Studio is complete, it will definitely make it easier for developers to access and make the best of on-board mobile platform features.

Will Eclipse be eclipsed by Android Studio? Maybe.

For now, though, Eclipse is still a viable alternative — and if your software project is one that can be completed, tested, and implemented quickly, it’s very possible that your whole project will be developed in Eclipse.

After all, Eclipse is:

  • Reliable; you can expect that it will behave exactly as planned, and so will projects made in it.
  • Familiar; developers have had time to get used to the interface and find elegant solutions in it.
  • Compatible; unlike Android Studio, everything in Eclipse has been tested very extensively.

Odds are good that, for some time to come, developers will still be using Eclipse when they can. However, Google can withdraw support for the IDE at any time.

There’s still time to get amazing results from Eclipse

Sooner or later, Android Studio will take over from Eclipse. Until that time comes, however, there’s still plenty of opportunities to get reliable, stable, and engaging software from this great development environment.

Which one should you use in your project — Eclipse or Android Studio? We can give you the straight answers here at Espresso Moon.

Call us today to talk to an expert software architect or project manager who understands the right approach for your needs.

No matter whether you’ve just started thinking about your software or are already ready for a full build, Espresso Moon has the tools you need — including Eclipse, Android Studio, and all the best Android development gear in the industry.

Eclipse is one of the longest-running integrated development environments for Android, and one that we use frequently here at Espresso Moon.

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