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Android Studio is an emerging IDE that makes a difference

One of the most important issues that comes up when developing any software project is the choice of “IDE” that the development team will use. This decision can make or break the future of the project, since it determines how the features and functionality available to the project leaders and programmers will be laid out.

“IDE” stands for “Integrated Development Environment,” and it ties things together in the world of complex software projects. This is true of Android mobile projects as well — although a great deal of Android programming is done in Java, even a relatively simple application benefits hugely from a good IDE.

Up until recently, Android has been dominated by the Eclipse IDE. However, Android Studio is quickly emerging as a great alternative for many different projects. To ensure that you always get the best technology possible, Espresso Moon has adopted Android Studio as one potential IDE selection.

What’s the big deal when it comes to Android Studio?

Android Studio is being developed by the Android team and will eventually supersede Eclipse. It is currently in beta, but it already has a variety of great features that are not available on the older Eclipse platform.

Some of the most critical features of Android Studio include:

  • Gradle-based build system for more project flexibility.
  • Multiple APK generation, allowing for build variants.
  • Theme-wide editing through a rich layout editor.
  • Lint tools for performance and usability testing.

Core technologies and practices in Android development

Why use Android Studio rather than Eclipse?
Although Eclipse can still be used for many projects, the most innovative and forward-thinking projects will likely begin to use Android Studio. Choosing Android Studio now will help to ensure that your project integrates all of the very latest technology.

Naturally, there are some challenges involved in using Android Studio at this early stage. At Espresso Moon, we take Android development seriously and have worked hard to ensure that your applications will be error-free and cutting edge.

Contact Espresso Moon for the very latest in Android technology
When you partner with Espresso Moon for your development, you never need to worry about whether or not your application is “future-proof.” Our focus on true best practices and ability to work with your team means that your application will evolve and grow with you.

Call or email us today to learn more about Android Studio and our Android development offerings. Don’t forget that we also offer iOS and hybrid development strategies.

Android Studio is one of the most sophisticated development environments in the world for Android software creation — and we use it at Espresso Moon.

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